Intrahospital dimension

There are three dimensions, or approaches, to pulmonary rehabilitation: namely, intrahospital, outpatient and at home. One of these dimensions will likely correspond better to your milieu and the needs of your patients than the other two.

The intrahospital dimension entails an intensive, strictly-controlled program, delivered directly in the hospital centre where the patient remains throughout the entire length of the program. Often, it will involve a transition facility for a patient who has recently been hospitalized.

The greatest benefit produced by such a program:

The patient doesn't have to travel back and forth several times a week to participate in the program. Examples: the patient who lives far away from the centre where the program is offered, whose disease is too far advanced, who does not have a car or adequate means of transportation, the temperature outdoors is too cold, etc.

This kind of program generally lasts about one month and can be done in a group or on an individual basis.

List of institutions that have established an "intrahospital" type program:

Region 03 Capitale-Nationale:

  • CHUQ Enfant-Jésus

Region 06 Montreal:

  • Mount Sinai Hospital

Region 13 Laval:

  • Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital