The goals of the program

For the patient, the primary goal of a pulmonary rehabilitation program is to:

  • self-manage their disease
  • better control and reduce their symptoms
  • optimize their functional status

The whole endeavour is geared towards the patient maintaining a better quality of life and the highest possible degree of autonomy.

Rehabilitation programs notably enable the patient to:

  • Increase their level of exercise tolerance and thereby diminish their disability
  • Improve their compliance with the recommended treatment, as well as the early treatment of any exacerbations, with a decrease in the number of hospitalizations
  • Decrease the frequency and severity of their symptoms
  • Improve their mood and motivation
  • Increase their autonomy through a more effective daily management of their disease
  • Foster their participation in therapy decisions by building their self-management skills
  • Improve their participation in daily activities
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Decrease the health care services required for the patient, their families and their communities
  • Raise their survival rate