Living well with copd self-management program

The Living well with COPD program, conceived and developed by the Montreal Chest Institute, a part of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), is a very good example of a self-management program. It has demonstrated a positive impact upon the health of patients, as well as generated a significant reduction in the frequency of hospitalizations and emergency room visits. The majority of Quebec health care professionals use this evidence-based program to educate patients with COPD. The Living well with COPD program has received the support of the Quebec Health Care Ministry.

Living well with COPD material can likewise be adapted to benefit patients with other chronic pulmonary diseases.

Module: Managing Your Breathing and Saving Your Energy

Purpose: Understanding how breathing works. Reducing shortness of breath. Breathing techniques, body positions. Clearing your secretions: cough techniques. Applying energy conservation principles

Module:  Preventing Your Symptoms and Taking Your Medication

Purpose: Understanding the self-cleaning mechanism of your airways. Defining COPD, and learning about the main causes, signs and symptoms. Avoiding the things in life that make your symptoms worse. Taking your medication and using your inhalation devices.

Module:  Integrating a Plan of Action into Your Life

 Purpose: Understanding what a Plan of Action is. Identifying your symptoms, your treatment and what to do when you feel well. Learning how to identify and manage an aggravation of your symptoms (exacerbation) in different situations.

Module:  Managing Your Stress and Anxiety


Purpose: Identifying the stressors in your life and understanding your reactions. Breaking the anxiety-breathlessness cycle. Stating your needs in a clear, assertive way. Integrating relaxation exercises. Applying rules to live a healthier life.

Module:  Keeping a Healthy and Fulfilling Lifestyle

Purpose : Meaning of being healthy. Quitting smoking. Complying with medication. Eating healthy. Exercising and physical activity. Sleeping better. Satisfying sex life. Planning leisure activities. Travelling.

Module: Long-term Home Oxygen Therapy

Purpose : Learning to live with Long-term home oxygen therapy. Oxygen and oxygen equipment. How to take care of your oxygen equipment.

Module: Integrating an exercise program into your life

Purpose : The importance of exercise and physical activity. Your customized exercise program. How to maintain your exercise program for life.

Module : Being Healthy with COPD


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